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About the Founder Why

In 2009, Kris began his photo booth journey in Orange County, skyrocketing his website to Google’s first page and managing 380 events annually.

He envisions as a platform to help others achieve similar success.



Empowering Entrepreneurs

Our Licensing Program Revolutionizes the Photo Booth Rental Industry has positioned itself as a leader for photo booth rentals nationwide. Our rental services include the corporate event photo booth, green screen, GIF, black & white, wedding photo booth and more.

What You Want To Know…

Is this a Franchise?

No, is not a franchise; we offer a licensing opportunity. Licensing offers you complete autonomy in managing your business, unlike a franchise that requires adherence to the franchisor’s regulations.

What is the investment required?

For about $28,500 you can get started!  We understand that each location has its unique potential in terms of leads and revenue. That’s why we offer a flexible upfront fee for our potential licensees. This tailored approach ensures that you’re investing an amount that reflects the true potential of your specific location. Partner with us and benefit from a customized investment that aligns with your market opportunities.

Example: The New York City market stands out as one of the most highly sought-after and fiercely competitive locations, with a high level of SEO difficulty for ranking. With over 1,000 searches per month for the term “Photo Booth Rental NYC,” it holds significantly greater value in terms of web ranking and online real estate compared to a location like Boise, ID. 

Will I be committed to a contract?

Every new licensing opportunity starts with an initial 2-year agreement, with the option to renew in longer intervals after your first two years. In some cases, shorter terms are available.

What are the benefits for me?

Boundless possibilities – We’re not just a photo booth company; we’re a technology and service company within the event industry. You’ll enjoy all the advantages of running your own business, along with the flexibility of a licensing agreement that allows you to operate your enterprise as you see fit.

Will I receive support?

Absolutely! From the moment you open your doors and throughout your entire journey, our knowledgeable, full-time support staff will be there to guide you. We offer in-depth training to familiarize you with our products and services and provide professional, attention-grabbing marketing materials to set you up for success in every way.


What can I expect?

Join our award-winning, industry-leading company and tap into a decade of expertise, proven systems, and processes. Our licensing program offers access to innovative marketing strategies designed to accelerate your business growth and focus your efforts on generating revenue.

With events booked nationwide, we likely have an established client base waiting for you from day one. Dive into a ready-made business and start earning immediately with our support!


Up-front Licensing Fee

$17,500 – $45,500 *depending on location




1-month + ongoing support

Business Type 

Photo Booth Rental

Financing Option


Royalty and Additional Fees

There is a 15-20% Royalty Fee on the total payment or value received for each event.

*Our average event revenue is $1,405. If you subtract our licensing fee, media cost, insurance & staff and payment processing you should net about $824 per event. 

Example: $824 X 15 Events Per Month = $12,360

Online Reviews

Photo Booth Equipment

Professional Website Design

SEO Campaigns 

Wedding Wire or The Knot Membership

Hosting + Email 

CRM (client management system)

Training + On-going Support



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One Time Fee


One Time Fee


$700 per month


$127 per month


$37.5 per month


$25 per month





Best Photo Booth Licensing Program Available

400+ 5-Star Reviews



*Varies by location/territory

*Please be advised that the figures presented herein, including the average monthly revenue of $11,753 and an average monthly licensing fee of $2,176, are based on historical data and are provided for illustrative purposes only. The actual income and fees payable can vary significantly based on a multitude of factors including, but not limited to, geographic location, market demand, business acumen, and the level of effort and dedication of the licensee. No guarantee, warranty, or representation is made that a potential licensee will achieve the same or similar results.

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