We offers photo booth rentals in multiple locations. Here’s the current list of cities we services:

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The LuxeBooth.com Story: Capturing Smiles Across America

Our story begins in Orange County, a vibrant region known for its picturesque beaches, upscale living, and bustling event scene. This was where the first Orange County photo booth rental service was launched, with a simple yet profound idea — transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with our unique photo booths.

Starting as a photo booth rental service in Orange County, LuxeBooth.com quickly gained popularity due to our unique blend of top-tier technology and exceptional customer service. We began attracting a diverse clientele, from private celebrations to corporate events, creating magical memories for all attendees.

As word spread and demand grew, we expanded our photo booth rental services to Austin, Texas. Known for its live music, outdoor spaces, and vibrant festivals, Austin provided a stage for LuxeBooth.com to showcase its versatility and adaptability. We thrived in the city’s energetic event landscape, becoming a favorite photo booth rental in Austin.

Emboldened by the positive response in Austin, we decided to bring our LuxeBooth.com photo booth rentals to the heart of the Midwest, Chicago. Our commitment to delivering an exceptional photo booth experience was further solidified as we became a leading photo booth rental in Chicago.

The next phase of our expansion saw LuxeBooth.com photo booth rentals venturing into Dallas and Houston. Texas, with its rich tradition of grand celebrations and corporate events, provided the perfect backdrop for us to demonstrate the quality of our photo booths and the unforgettable experiences they offer, quickly gaining a name as a top photo booth rental in Dallas and Houston.

Atlanta, with its vibrant social scene and bustling event industry, proved the perfect launchpad for LuxeBooth.com. Our unique blend of top-tier technology and exceptional service quickly gained popularity, leading us to bring our photo booths to a wider audience in Atlanta, GA.

Our journey didn’t stop there. We ventured into the bustling cityscape of New York City with our booths. Our booths found their place among the city’s iconic landmarks, serving both the ever-active corporate event scene and the diverse private celebrations held throughout the city, earning us a spot as a sought-after photo booth rental company in NYC.

Recently, we’ve made a full circle back to our home state, bringing our photo booth rental services to the lively city of San Diego and the vibrant tourism hub of Orlando. As the go-to photo booth rental in San Diego and Orlando and Philadelphia, we aim to capture the magic and memories of every event – whether it’s a beachside wedding, a corporate gathering, or a birthday bash.

Through our growth, LuxeBooth.com remains committed to our core mission: capturing magical moments and creating lasting memories, one photo booth at a time. With our photo booth rental services expanding across the nation, we are excited to continue our journey, bringing smiles to faces and fun to events, wherever we go.

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