Katie And Tom’s Orange County Wedding


Katie And Tom’s Orange County Wedding

Every detail of Katie and Tom’s wedding was simply perfect, making this one of the most memorable days for everyone involved. 

The Orange County Wedding Party

Here’s a look at their incredible wedding party:

  • Maid of Honor: Rachel, Katie’s sister
  • Best Man: Eric, Tom’s childhood friend
  • Bridesmaids: Emily and Sarah, Katie’s college roommates
  • Groomsmen: Jack and Matt, Tom’s longtime buddies

Rachel, Katie’s sister, stood by her side as maid of honor, and Eric, Tom’s childhood friend, supported him as best man. Emily and Sarah, Katie’s college roommates, and Jack and Matt, Tom’s longtime friends, were the perfect additions to the wedding party, providing love, laughter, and support.

Quick Recap Of The Night

It was a beautiful day in sunny Orange County, perfect for the outdoor ceremony that friends and family had gathered to watch. The reception afterwards featured plenty of music, dancing and laughter – plus a photo booth for capturing memories! Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely throughout the night. With such an enjoyable atmosphere, it’s no wonder everyone left feeling uplifted. Transitioning seamlessly into finding the right venue, Katie and Tom chose the Chapel of Orange County as their dream location…

Orange County Venue Selection

Katie and Tom had decided to get married in the beautiful Southern California. After a lot of research, they settled on the Chapel of Orange as the perfect venue for their wedding. The chapel was surrounded by lush green gardens and stunning architecture that made it an ideal setting to exchange vows.

The black and white décor added an elegant touch to the already stunning space and it was just what Katie had envisioned for her dream wedding. From the elaborate flower arrangements to the intricate details throughout, there wasn’t a single thing out of place. Every guest couldn’t help but comment on how amazing everything looked!

To top off the night in style, Katie and Tom opted for an open-air Orange County photo booth rental with a glam filter effect – providing their guests with fun memories to take home. As expected, this turned out to be a huge hit among all who attended – making it even more memorable than ever anticipated.

OC Photo Booth Rental Choice: Open-Air Booth With Black And White Glam Filter

Tom and Katie decided to go with an open-air wedding photo booth. They wanted guests to be able to take pictures together, as well as photos of themselves. The black and white glam filter was the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to all the photographs taken at the event.

The open-air option allowed everyone to easily move around the area where they were taking the photographs without feeling confined in one spot or having difficulty getting out after they had finished taking their shots.

In addition, Tom and Katie loved how the photos turned out! They found Luxe Booth on Weddingwire.com and saw all of the 5-star reviews, they knew they found the right photo booth rental company for their wedding. Everyone looked amazing thanks to the black and white glam filter that made each picture look timelessly classic. With this feature, every single shot taken would remain beautiful even years later when looking back on them fondly. Moving forward into subsequent section.