The classic Black-and-White GLAM Photo

that’s forever timeless is the exclusive brand for for glam style, Black and White photo booth rentals nationwide. Our All-Inclusive service options include: On-site attendant, wide selection of backdrops, photo filters, chic and classy props, unlimited prints, custom branding, high-resolution images and more.

Black and White Glam Photo Booth
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White Backdrop Glam Photo Booth

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The Ultimate Glam Photos

For that ‘Kardashian’ Black & White Look


You’ve seen the iconic photo booth pictures of celebrities, with their flawless skin and pristine white backdrops. The secret to achieving this look lies in the quality of the equipment and the use of a custom smoothing filter. offers the ultimate Glam Filter experience for those looking for a ‘Kardashian’ style B&W image. Our photo booths feature cutting-edge technology and professional-grade equipment, making us the ideal choice for those seeking the highest quality black and white photos.

Say goodbye to blemishes and hello to flawless skin in every shot.

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Black and White Glam Booth 4x6 Print
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Glam Black & White Photo Booth Rentals Nationwide

Luxury Black and White photo booths for weddings, corporate events, and more.

Step into the past and embrace the elegance of black and white photography – a trend that’s always in style and here to stay. It’s no surprise that celebs and influencers alike are jumping on board, and we’re not ones to miss out on the fun!

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Black & White Photo Booth Features

  • Unlimited Use: Unlimited photos during your rental period
  • Backdrop Style: White, Black or Custom
  • On-site Support: Friendly staff to setup and present during event
  • Prints: On-site & unlimited print options
  • Footprint: 7.5’W X 7.5’H Minimum
  • Lighting: Studio style Strobe Flash
  • Camera: Canon M50 or DSLR
  • Customization: Custom branded print templates
  • Instant Sharing: Share photos via email or text
  • Post Event: Online Gallery & ZIP Download
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Open Air Black and White Photo Booths

LuxeBooth.COM takes Black and White Photography to the next level

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The B&W Photo Booth Was A Hit

The black and white photos are timeless! Our wedding planner recommended, we’re so happy we booked with them. Photo quality and customer service are top-notch. Rocks the B&W Booth!!

Aubrey and her team knocked our B&W photos out of the park. My wife and I had our sights on since we got engaged. Their reviews live up to the hype. Our guests are still talking about how awesome their ‘Celebrity’ style photos are.

Best Glam Photo Booth Out There

We called several photo booth rental companies before hiring for our wedding. They’ve found the secret to perfect black and white glam photos.


GIF Photo Booth
with B&W FILTER 


Our Black and White GIF feature comes standard with all rental packages, offerings the ability to create a looping or boomerang animation of your favorite pictures. With customizable options like personalized backgrounds, borders, and more, your creation will be a unique expression of your personality and style.

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Features Include…

  • Create instant GIF or Video
  • Professional studio lighting
  • Instantly shareable 
  • Choice of seamless backdrop options
  • Custom designed, branded overlays
  • Online gallery
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Open-Air Black and White Booth

With an unobstructed view of the photo sessions, our open-air design encourages a lively and energetic atmosphere.

Transform your event with our modern and spacious open-air photo booth. Ideal for obtaining perfect B&W photos. The open-air backdrops are 8ft x 8ft, allowing enough room for large groups.

From stunning high-resolution cameras to vibrant, high-quality printing capabilities, every aspect of our photo booths have been carefully crafted to provide the best possible experience.

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Elevate your online presence with’s seamless social media integration

Our state-of-the-art photo booths make it a breeze to share your memories with friends, family and followers on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We believe in providing a personalized touch to every event, which is why we work with you to create a customized and unforgettable experience. Say goodbye to the standard tent and cloth booths and choose a photo booth rental that truly represents your brand.

With just a few clicks, you can instantly upload your awesome pictures, GIFs, and videos, and watch your online visibility soar. Boost your brand and take your social media game to the next level with currently offers our Black and White Photo Booths nationwide.