Monitor Your Event’s Success


Being able to monitor and track statistical data that tells you how much people enjoyed an event is crucial for planning future events.

If you own a photo booth that you rent for special occasions, you provide your customers with a fun, accessible way of securing a lasting memory of their event. Our booths contain special analytical features that give you important data you need for future planning.

In this post, we show you how you can easily find a photo booth rental for your events and the variety of information it can provide you.

With, you can rent a photo booth for one occasion. Our booths are also completely brandable to fit your personal style and message should you decide to make a little extra cash by renting it out to others.

What kind of events are suitable for a photo booth?

Events are a place where people get together for a common cause. Suitable events for a photo booth would include the wedding of a friend or family member, a launch of a new product or brand, a music concert, a live sporting event, or a corporate event or gathering of like-minded people – such as ComiCon, for example.

Having a booth at your next event creates a space where people can capture memories with old friends and new ones and take home a memento of the occasion.

Key takeaway: We offer versatile photo booth rental solutions that can add excitement and lasting memories to any event.

Why use a photo booth?

A photo booth rental from can be a great attraction for customers and patrons of all ages. People love to take photos of their friends and families – and most like to have their picture taken.

What could be better than happy, smiling photographs of you with your loved ones? The photo booth capture moments of fun.

Key takeaway: photo booth rentals provide a fun and accessible way to create lasting memories for event attendees of all ages.

What types of analytics can I gather from a photo booth?

Now, let’s talk analytics. With our booths, you can create customer feedback surveys directly on the screen, giving you insights into customer experiences, opinions, and feedback on products, brands, or anything else. And the best part? You can use this information to generate leads for your business without resorting to pushy tactics that might turn off your customers.

The photo booths enable customers to share their photos on social media. For you, this is another valuable method of advertising your photo booth business. You can see how many shares you have generated. You can collect email addresses from potential new customers and see how many times your photo booth pictures have been seen online.

Key takeaway: Luxe Booth’s photo booths come equipped with advanced analytical features that allow you to gather valuable customer feedback and track the reach of your event’s marketing efforts.

Photo booths are attractive devices to have at your events because people love the opportunity to take pictures of – and with – their friends and loved ones. With incredible and invaluable analytical features, a photo booth rental from is an ideal choice to promote your brand and to capture data instantly from your customers.

Key takeaway: offers customizable photo booth rental solutions that not only create lasting memories for event attendees but also provide valuable data for future event planning and marketing efforts.